View Live Waste Disposal Data

You can now view our live waste disposal data via the LoveLewisham Web API.

Lewisham will be making some changes to waste and recycling services over the next few months. These changes are aimed at increasing recycling rates and minimising future disposal costs. To help monitor the impact of these changes, we are using our LoveLewisham app to put live waste disposal data online. Lewisham staff can access this data via our LoveLewisham Peer2Peer app. This data can be accessed publicly via our LoveLewisham API.

This url will return all disposal records (by waste type, crew etc.) for the past 90 days, and this url will return a summary of monthly recycling rates and tonnages. This allows anyone to download and scrutinise this data in other programs, such as Excel:

Please remember that these figures are likely to differ from those submitted to Central Government as other waste elements and contaminated recycling materials are factored in. They should, however give a good indication of the ‘direction of travel’ as new services are implemented.

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